The Eco-Friendly Life in Woodland Hills, CA

December 16, 2021 | Essence Management

Essence wants to contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are five easy steps to reduce your environmental impact.

Wash Clothes on Cold Cycle

Essence’s energy efficient front load washer and dry are game changers when it comes to going green. Washing your laundry with cold water is an added plus for sustainability — great for the environment and your wallet.

Eat More Sustainably

Eating healthier is a great way to be eco friendly. Changes like adopting a plant-based diet with local ingredients go a long way. At Essence, shopping at farmers markets or local grocery stores in Woodland Hills, CA is easy with plenty of choices nearby.

Unplug Unused Electronics

Plugged-in electronics waste a lot of energy. Since most electricity in homes comes from fossil fuels, unplugging your appliances after use is a simple way to minimize your carbon footprint.

Opt for Reusable Towels & Napkins

Swapping to reusable towels and napkins is a great way to reduce waste. Paper products create enormous waste. Replacing paper towels with reusable ones diminishes your waste production. Cloth options made from bamboo or other green materials are an eco friendly swap.

Reduce Plastic

Avoiding plastic consumption lessens your waste production and keeps slow-decomposing materials out of Aurora’s landfills. Switching to reusable products such as metal straws, to-go coffee cups, or shopping in-bulk are easy ways to reduce single-use plastics.

Becoming eco-friendly isn’t complicated or time-consuming, but improving your apartments’ sustainability is crucial.

If you haven’t chosen Essence yet, we encourage you to take a tour or contact us with any questions. We look forward to staying green with you.

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