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Stop the Spread with Essence Apartments in Woodland Hills

February 1, 2022 | Essence Management

Millions of people have started working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce the virus spread. To work at home, you need a clean, safe environment with services that keep you communicating with everyone at work. Essence luxury apartments for rent in Woodland Hills have features that’ll help you stop the spread.

Maintain Your Safety Bubble

During the pandemic, people have created “bubbles” where they live & work, leaving their apartments as little as possible. Commodities such as pet spas, courtyards, gyms, lounges, and fire pits will make your daily routine convenient, comfortable, and safe.

Stay in Touch with Co-Workers

Luxury apartments in Woodland Hills offer work-from-home features such as offices,  conference spaces, and a presentation room. These areas include Wi-Fi so you can maintain communication with your co-workers. Resident lounges provide a change of scenery to keep your spirits uplifted.

Order Groceries Online

Working from home, you’ll order supplies online instead of visiting the store. An apartment complex with a mailroom with refrigerated parcel lockers lets you get perishable food without worrying they’ll spoil in the mailbox. Plus, your apartment has plenty of room to stock up on supplies such as canned foods and toilet paper.

Enjoy Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi in the common areas allows you to get out of your apartment for a while and stay connected. There’s no need to visit a library or coffee shop and risk contamination — a reliable internet connection is ever-present in or out of your apartment.

Essence helps you stop the spread of COVID-19 by offering a safe environment with clean, accessible amenities in Woodland Hills, nearby Calabasas. Check out our virtual tour, and reach out today to learn more about our community.

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Your Essence Management Team is here to help provide excellent service and high-level expertise about apartment living. Our staff has many years of experience and knows how to make you feel at home.
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