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TOP 3 Things to Do This Winter in Woodland Hills

January 24, 2023 | Essence Management

Enjoy the lasting magic of the holidays and our crispy “cold” Californian weather with the best activities to make the most of the winter holidays in Woodland Hills:

Stroll Through Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane is a residential area in Woodland Hills, long famous for its front lawns with whimsical light decorations and holiday displays. This activity is free and family-friendly, and you can also take your pet.

Sadly, it is not as impressive as it used to be years ago, as fewer homeowners understandably choose to put up lights each year. However, if you’re still in the holiday spirit and live nearby, it’s a lovely walk to enjoy some twinkling lights and winter magic. 

Hike at Runyon Canyon Park

Winter weather doesn’t mean outdoor activities stop in California. In fact, the lower heat can make it more comfortable for some people to go hiking at Runyon Canyon Park. The gorgeous views of LA, the Hollywood sign, and the mountains are just one of the many reasons this is our second recommended activity to do in the neighborhood.

In addition to being, of course, free, it is a fantastic pet-friendly destination; there are different water stations for dogs, and they can explore freely off-leash in some designated areas. Plus, it’s easy to get to Runyon, given its central location, just off Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills. Make sure you wear appropriate footwear, as portions of the trails are not paved but sandy.

View Dinosaurs in the Valley

Our final recommendation of things to do this January 2023, if you’re in the area, is to catch the last days of the Dinosaurs in the Valley exhibit. This outdoor walk-through experience features over 100 true-to-life animatronic dinosaurs made with hyper-realistic detail. This is an excellent activity for all the family to enjoy, including kids under 2 years old who enter for free. Just remember to leave your pets at home, as no animals are allowed – besides, you wouldn’t want a rogue t-rex to snack on your dog, would you? 

Tickets cost 24.99 USD and are sold in advance on the website only. This event takes place on the grounds of Pierce College, located at 20800 Victory Blvd in Woodland Hills, on the corner of Victory of De Soto. 

Check out our Woodland Hills neighborhood map for more can’t-miss destinations in the area.

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