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How to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

December 13, 2022 | Essence Management

From decor ideas to routines that help you feel more established, check out our tips and ideas to make your new rental apartment feel as homey as possible.

Tips to Make Your Apartment Homey

Place all your personal items in their proper place. Sometimes unpacking after moving can feel tiresome, and ends up taking us more time than planned. However, arranging your things in this new space, in a way that feels comfortable to you, will definitely be one of the key details to make your new home actually feel like “home”. If you’re having a hard time finding a place for all your belongings, check out our storage ideas for apartments to organize your home in a breeze.

Of course, decoration is key to making your rental apartment look like your own space. Beyond soft and comfy textures, bring that special warmth to your home by hanging photos with your friends and family. This way you’ll remember good memories with your loved ones as you move through your apartment.

According to Stanford University, living in an uncluttered, organized, and serene environment can help reduce distraction and irritability. At home, you want to feel as happy and relaxed as possible. If visual clutter leads to feelings of stress, making a routine to keep your apartment clean will go a long way towards making an apartment homey.

Make Woodland Hills Your Home

This final tip will depend a bit on the location of your new apartment, but a good way to seriously get familiar with it is to get to know what’s nearby; walk through your neighborhood and get to know your new home better. Woodland Hills is a great place to do that. You’ll have at hand the renowned Ventura Boulevard restaurants and the shopping hubs of Westfield Topanga and The Village. In fact, living at Essence will help you discover the best restaurants in Woodland Hills with a delightful short stroll.

Apartments for Rent in Woodland Hills

Our location in Woodland Hills offers the luxury apartments for rent in LA you’ve been looking for. Essence offers carefully curated residences and community spaces where you can rest, work, play, and ultimately be at home. Schedule a tour today and come meet your new apartment!

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